Lost In The Lilac Wood

I created this 5x7 watercolor and gouache landscape for @tendstowardschaos in the Use What You Have Swap. It’s based on the tutorial “Inspiring Plants” by Ruth Wilshaw with some variations.


Lovely! :slight_smile:

Ooh, pretty! Looks like an animation background, magical forest setting.

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It’s beautiful!

Loving the purple :purple_heart:

It’s so serene and beautiful! I agree that it looks like a scene out of a fantasy movie, back when animation was art.

It’s going to have a special place on my library gallery wall as soon as I can get it framed. :heart:

Gorgeous scene and beautifully executed. It’s dreamy and detailed at the same time. :cherry_blossom: Purple and green are my two favorite colors.

This is so pretty!

It reminds me of the piece you made for the garage sale :heart_eyes:

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So pretty! :heart_eyes:

@Rlynn, @bluebird, @Magpie, @jellybean, @Manders, @EriChanHime - thank you!

@Bunny1kenobi - thank you! It’s created using a turorial from the same artist as that other piece. I really love her work.

@tendstowardschaos - I’m so glad you like it and it makes me happy picturing it hanging in your home!


Magical! :sparkles:

Lucky partner. This is absolutely beautiful. I love the color palette.

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I am definitely gonna have to look up some tutorials by Ruth! You did a very lovely job

@Abbeeroad & @gozer - thank you!

@Mermaidstar - thank you! Her art is so gorgeous. She has a bunch of tutorials on YouTube.

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