Lots of bunting, for a steampunk wedding

My lovely friend is finally getting to have her wedding, it was twice postponed due to Covid. It’s a garden wedding with a steampunk theme. I offered to make some bunting, she’s got all the decorations in hand, but bunting is good for filling in corners.
Her colours are teal and copper.

Teal is a total PITA, because everyone has a different notion of what constitutes teal. I dyed this fabric with a procion dye called teal. And ordered this ribbon online called teal. They could not be more different.

She’s also been having so much bother with this issue, that she’s decided to be happy to go with anything in the turquoise-bluey-green spectrum.

I wasn’t happy with the contrast of the bunting and the ribbon, so I added the gear image to pull it together.

It was simply cut from a foam sheet, glue sticked to a cling stamp block, and printed with acrylic paint that I mixed to bring the two colours together.

I made about 40yards of bunting in all.


So great that you are both accepting the many shades of “teal”! I think it all looks very cohesive and will be wonderful for her long awaited nuptials!

Is this the same wedding that you made your lovely bag and shoes?

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FORTY YARDS!? Wow! What a lovely and generous contribution to her celebrations! It turned out great!

Good for her! Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow, because the flow isn’t going to change.

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No this is number three of three weddings this summer. The next one is my niece’s, I’ll use the bag and shoes that you saw. But the wedding that this bunting is for, is in August and I’m making a full on steampunk costume. Long bustled skirt, boots, spats, corset, top hat. Loads of accessories and I’m planning on stitching in LEDs and wapping some fibre optic wires around me… Subtle :wink:

EDIT, you can see the back of the skirt on the dress from in the picture above. It’s the mad stripey one


Well, of course you are going to go all out! lol…can’t wait to see it all! Sounds like a fun and very full sewing schedule at your place!

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It came out awesome! I’m sure it’s going to add to the festive vibe of the long awaited wedding.

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What a fabulous gift and beautiful bunting! Thanks for sharing how you made the stamp.

Also, I feel your teal uncertainty… Did a recent swap using a teal theme and ended up choosing a fabric with lots of different colors in the teal/turquoise family, hoping at least one of them would be right.

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It had never occurred to me that the definition of “teal” was such a fluid one, but this came out fantastic… the stamp really pulls it together!

Fun bunting!

I ordered both my couch and drapes online. One was described as teal, the other seafoam. They’re a perfect match.
Color names are as bad as common names for plants!

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