Lots of hoops

I have been stitching a lot lately,

Big Mandala:


small mandala


Hair girl hoop and heart hands



I’m not seeing your photos! :tired_face:

I was able to grab @momiemae’s photos from her links and added them to her post so everyone can see.

Love the mandalas especially!!!


The first hoop took my breath away…it is spectacular! The colors are great together.

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These are all soooo great! I especially love the heart hands! the different flowers on each really make it even more interesting than it would have been. Beautiful work!


These are STUNNING!

Whoa, your mandala hoops are so mesmerizing - I imagine they were really meditative to stitch. Beautiful work.

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Wow, absolutely wow! Your stitching is amazing but it’s a bit of an understatement:

I have been stitching a lot lately,

Thanks so much. It was very relaxing. I need to go buy more kits.

The big mandala looks incredible and like a ton of work. They are all great, but that one is my favorite.

:mirror_ball: :dancing_women: :ice_cube: :dancing_women: :mirror_ball: Woohoo! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! Thanks for sharing it here with us! :mirror_ball: :dancing_women: :ice_cube: :dancing_women: :mirror_ball:

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Beautiful stitching. That big mandala is a real WOW!