Louise from Bob’s Burgers Mini Pocket Letter

I made this trip of Louise ATCs for the recent mini pocket letter swap for @gozer

She is wearing a different Halloween outfit in each: Peter Pans Labyrinth, Helen Hunt from Twister, and the Dragon with the Girl tattoo.

They are made with prismacolor pencils and micron pen.


These are AMAZING! I am obsessed with Louise Belcher and eagerly await each Halloween episode to see what sh will be. You picked some great ones! She is immediately recognizable. I am so honored to have them in my collection. Thank you so much for an awesome swap!


I don’t watch the show, but they look like great renditions of Louise, and her costumes are hilarious. Dragon with a girl tattoo?!?! Hahaha!

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Clever play on words! I also love the Dragon with the girl tattoo!

I forgot how epic Louise’s costumes are until seeing this. You nailed every one!

Haha. I haven’t watched this show either but I recognize this character because she is so loved! It really feels like you captured her personality in these little portraits.

So fabulous!! I haven’t watched the show in quite a while but I think I need to get back into it. I know Gozer sure loves it!

These are so great. Immediately recognizable as Louise.