Love Monster Card

Love monster is gonna give you a smooch! I made this card for my sweetie.


:star: :heartpulse: :troll: Congratulations! Your marvelous Monster Love Card is a Featured Project this week! :troll: :heartpulse: :star:


This is sooo cute!!

Thanks!!! :kissing_heart:

I want to give that monster a smooch! He looks so happy!

Himz so happy! I just want to get attacked by him!

Too cute!

Dang, you are on top of the holiday! This is so cute, I especially love his fun horns! It looks like it would’ve taken quite a while to cut and put together all the different pieces.

Thanks! It actually went pretty quick. I was surprised. :rofl:


Have you read the book The Love Monster? It’s a pretty cute children’s book and both your monster and the monster in the book are lovable.

Super cute!

His face is so excited to see you! Or eat you? Who can really tell when it comes to monsters…

Absolutely adorable!!

That monster’s face begs to be smooched!