Love Notes Notebox

I’ve been trying to think of V-Day themed items and came up with this. I got a few of these boxes to customize. This is what I came up with. There is an opening in the top to put notes in.

Edit: The box measures 6x6 and has a depth of 2.5" in. It is a glass front and is made of wood (or fake wood, not sure). It is very solid. Here is what it looked like before.


Oh, that’s pretty! Great idea, too. Do you have a picture from an angle? I’m curious about the depth.

Is it a glass window, and you added cutouts?

Turned out so pretty!!

Thank you for the comments. I updated my first post with more info!

What a great idea for a Valentine box!

A super sweet idea and it turned out ver pretty.

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So wonderful! I love the Love Notes Notebox. So sweet!