Love One Another Prayer Flags

Before joining the Prayer Flag swap for the first time, I decided to make some practice flags for a few friends I was supposed to see in March. Sadly our get together was cancelled, but I was able to send them their flags. I made 8 of the same one.

They were machine sewn onto the backing fabric, which was a dictionary page with definitions of the word Love on it. The text was stamped onto muslin, then gone over with a sharpie since I was out of fabric markers and didn’t want to order one during the pandemic. The wooden heart buttons were also sewn on with my machine. (Goodness I love my fancy Viking!) The fibers along the bottom are a mix of yarns and lace in my stash and some skeins @pottermouth brought me on her way through in early March. Each had the recipient name on the back, along with the song lyric that was stuck in my head while working on them.

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another
Right now.


So much love for this!

I also have decided when a song gets stuck in my head while crafting, it’s meant to be a part of the craft. :heart_eyes:


Nice practice run! I love all of the elements from the scrappy fabrics to the fringe…

A beautiful sentiment to send out into the universe…


I love this so much - the cheer we all need right now.

Yes totally - I have many associations with craft projects and movies/songs/podcasts that I’m listening to while working on them. :grin:


I have that same association with audiobooks I’ve listened to while crafting :blush:.

All your thread is color matched up your fabric! You must’ve spent a lot of time changing it out. I really like the bright cheeriness of this flag!

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Beautiful flag with a beautiful sentiment. And now that song will be in my head, too! (If a song is going to get stuck in your head, that’s a good one to be stuck with…)

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Because I made 8 of them at the same time, I would do all of one color of thread on all of the flags, then change to the next color and do all 8 again. But yes, I did a LOT of changing!


This is so pretty! I bet your friends love them!

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Oh, you know I love a rainbow! This is a great idea. I need an abandon able craft to leave out around my neighbourhood, I think rainbow scrappy prayer flags fit the bill… thanks for the inspiration!

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Of course I love this…the colors are awesome!

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Awww…I love this. :heart:

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Congrats! Your Love One Another Prayer Flags are one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!


Thanks kittykill!

I love these! But I love mine the best. :heart: :heart: :heart:

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