Love & Poetry Affirmation Flags

I made these flags for the recent Prayer Flag Swap. My partners had the best themes. I had a lot of fun with my scraps on these!

First, Love is Love! Saying it once is not enough. With rainbow scrappiness of course!

The words were done with HTV on my Cricut.

The back is black and white to match the contrasting fringe with a fun rainbow ribbon accent.

The other flag was inspired by a quote from Emily Dickinson that my partner had pinned. As soon as I read it I knew I wanted to render it in scraps.

I was further inspired by several images I found online, but ultimately ended up mixing and matching with what worked as I went.

The back is black and white with some pops of yellow.

Thanks for looking!


I love these pieces! And, I’m lucky enough to have received the second one!

Your scrappy sewing is fabulous, and the composition is brilliant - I will treasure it :heart: :rainbow:

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These are amazing. I especially love the second one. I like the way you did the multiple thread to outline he lady.


Thanks, friends! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Whoa. These are artworks!


Beautiful! I’m really loving the second one!

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They are both so beautiful! And I totally recognize some of those scraps!

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Yes! I just rediscovered a treasure trove of squares you sent me. I think I was supposed to make quilt blocks with them. :see_no_evil:

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I think I sent spares, so that if you wanted to make more of the black, white, and gold quilt blocks I made, you’d have enough fabric to make new blocks blend in.

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:mega: Wheeeeee dawgeez! :confetti_ball: Your fantastic craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :rocket:


Thank you! :blush:

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Beautiful and so wonderfully scrappy.


High praise coming from you! :heart:

I like the backs almost as much as the fronts! So creative, my friend!
And your scrappy signature shines through:)
Nicely done!

OMGoodness! Don’t know where to start! Just LOVE all of the piecing, the sentiments, the outline stitching and the fringes. And the BACKS! I love making art on my backs too. These are outstanding prayer flags. Piecing beats printed or pre-made backgrounds every time!

Your talent really is boundless! These are so cool. I love your compositions and the sky on the second one is my favorite, but I do love me a rainbow. Lovely! Thank you for sharing these!

Love that scrappy rainbow goodness!