Loveland Pass cookie

My sweet neighbor/friend got engaged at Loveland Pass so I made her a set of cookies to commemorate the event.

(Reference photo of where they got engaged)

I have a video on my Instagram of hand-painting and assembling the different elements but I’m not sure it’s allowed. If I get notice that it’s allowed, I’ll edit this post with a link to my IG account.

Editing with more details and a link to the progress video on my Instagram :slight_smile:

This was a strawberry lemonade cookie recipe that I thought was really tasty, from Semi Sweet Mike. I think I did doctor it up a little but didn’t stray too far from the original.


Very cool!


What a great cookie! Love the “Adventure Awaits” message.

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Gorgeous cookie. Brought back memories. My fiance, maid of honor, best man and I took pictures at that very sign on the way to our wedding.

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Aw, I have a pic of my husband and I kissing there!

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That cookie is amazing!

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What an awesome celebration of that moment!

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What a great memory!
Are my colors in the cookie way off? I chose the colors based off a picture that had really saturated colors but when I googled, the colors looked way off!

I think it looks excellent. The colors are going to vary based on how sunny it is the day the photo was taken anyway.

Your colors are fine. They might be a bit more of a sunset/sunrise shade but I had no problem recognizing what you were painting. It never even occurred to me to think about the colors. It is a great cookie!


This is really lovely! I especially like the way you did the rocks and your lettering is perfection!

Re: Instagram, you can put the link to your account in your bio and tell folks to check there. You can also link to a specific Instagram post as long as you have sufficient details in the LC post as well. From our FAQ:

  1. Projects posted on Lettuce Craft must include pictures and project details. Projects posts should not consist solely of a photo or a message directing people to your blog or website for more information. External blogs and websites may expire over time (PBucket, we’re looking at you, kid). Including pictures and details on your Lettuce Craft post will ensure that project information is always available to the community.

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The waters are a little muddy here. Putting as much detail as possible in your LC post before linking to personal sites is your best bet for not getting flagged. :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for sharing your cookies! I look forward to seeing more.

What a sweet and beautifully made gift!