Lucky Charms cross stitch

I’m already failing at being more active with the new site. :sweat_smile:

But I did finally finish this project that I started a while back. I love Lucky Charms cereal. It is my absolute favorite. So when I found these Lucky Charms sprites, I knew I had to turn them into a cross stitch project. I wanted to make it look like they were being poured from above and piling up, so I sat and placed each sprite just the way I wanted them. The colors aren’t an exact match for what I was wanting, but it works for me. 13in X 5in, 21 colors, 14 count.


This is so cute! Very clever to pour the marshies out of the box!


So cheery and colorful! Nicely stitched!

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Yay! I have been missing you and out of the blue you show up with this awesome stitching project!

It is magically delicious!!!


Ohhhh! I love this!

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Thanks for popping in and sharing this cool project!

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it looks great!

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I’m glad you posted KK! It came out beautifully. I love the bright colors against the dark background. Well done.

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This is great! A lucky charms that’s all marshmallows?? My kids would lose their minds lol.

Love the black background and frame. Really makes the colors stand out.

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I’ve seen that you can actually buy bags of just the marshmallows. in fact, I think I’ve even seen them at Big Lots.

thank you so much, everyone! I’m glad you all enjoy this!

I, too, am a fan of the ol Lucky Charms!! All the work! Super impressed.

They’re magically delicious.

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This is such a great piece! Love how the colours pop against the black.

I always tried my best to save the marshmallows for the end - nothing but marshmallows for the last few bites. Seeing this is very happiness-making for me! Lovely stitching too!

Same. :woman_facepalming:

It totally looks like you’re pouring a bowl. I love this! Well done.

Cool composition! The black background and frame makes the colors pop wonderfully!

I love that it is all marshmallows.

Aw fun!