Lucky Shamrock Cards for St. Patrick's Day

I got a hankering to make St. Patrick’s Day cards for a few people who I like to send mail to, so I made 'em!

For xmas, my MIL gave me a set of a dozen of scalloped-edge, flat card blanks, so I used those. I used dies and embossing dies and my Sizzix to cut the sentiments, wings, and hearts-for-shamrock-leaves.


I sewed the fronts to the cards using thread that came from my grandmother’s stash - it’s old enough to be on a wooden spool, so I wouldn’t want to sew a garment or anything like that with it, but I love the shade of green, so it was nice to put it to use!

A couple of sky printed cardstocks and a few rainbow striped cardstocks and some various green papers were from stash, too!


The back sentiment was stamped using a stamping platform and various alphabets and word stamps.


These are all so cheerful, but my favourite detail is finding a use for your vintage thread.

Thank you! I love that bit with the thread, too, and I think I just realized that I could separate the wood and older plastic spools that I wouldn’t trust for “real” sewing and put them with my paper crafting stuff!


They are very attractive and colorful! Love the message on the outside, as well as the stamped message inside.

The thread is a great touch. I’m a fan of the winged shamrocks, too!

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These are so very pretty!

These are really great! Love the sentiments. These will certainly brighten mailboxes!

Thanks, everyone!

Are the letters cut out, and the under piece showing through? I lime the stripes of color against the green!

Yes! The sentiments on the fronts are cut out of the sky papers with dies, then rainbow papers underneath.

Yes, very cheerful! It’s great you were able to use so much from your stash. They cards give me positive vibes, like spring is just around the corner.

Thank you!

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:shamrock: :rainbow: :green_heart: Congratulations! Your lucky Shamrock Cards are a Featured Project this week! :green_heart: :rainbow: :shamrock:

AWWWW! Thank you!

These are so cool! Love the flying shamrock! You could make that into a pin to wear.

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What a fun bit of mail to receive! The ‘make a wish’ cards are so cleverly done, I love the winged four leaf clover! I think my favorite detail on these cards is that stitched border, which is great on it’s own, but add in the fact that the thread is from your grandmother’s stash and it manages to become even better!

Thanks, pals!

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These are adorable! I’m sure the recipients will be delighted.

I’ve always wondered this when people sew on paper, but I’ve never asked: Do you use the same needle/sewing machine that you use for fabrics for paper?

Thanks! I finally got them in the mail today!

I use my usual machine, but I don’t use a needle that I would use on fabric for the same reason I wouldn’t cut paper with my sewing scissors: that’s the 8th deadly sin! :rofl: I haven’t done a lot of sewing on paper, but my choices have either been a needle that’s ended or almost ended it’s useful life. I recently read that a denim needle is a good choice for paper crafting AND have dug though my thread stash to set aside the OLD ones for paper crafting, so I think I’ll put a couple needles in with the thread just to keep it all together.

It must be so fun being on your snail mail list!

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