Ludwig the Lantern

I introduce you to Ludwig the Lantern, an air dry clay replica of a mini flashlight lantern I have that I made for @camelama in the recent LC Grab Bag swap.

I painted him with acrylic paint.
He’s ready to be prepared! Or prepared to be ready?

(This is camelama’s picture of Ludwig in action!)


Oops, i keep calling him Luigi! Must be the mustache. :wink:

You can change his name if you’d like. He does live with you now. :slight_smile:

So cute!

He’s a cutie! I’d hang him on my Christmas tree, I think. (But maybe I just have ornaments on the brain…)

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I think of him as an ornament, too. I have another, unpainted, version in model magic.

That’s quite the mustache! Ludwig looks like he takes his lanterning very seriously indeed!