Luna-r Moth

I stitched this up for @EriChanHime in the OWS. She had a Luna moth on her list but you know…what is one extra letter. Here is my Luna-r moth.


Very cool pattern and excellent stitching as always!

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Gorgeous! I envy your consistent, neat stitching; I can’t do a decent satin stitch.

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LOVE! Your luna-r moth is stellar!


That is amazing! I love how you made varied the thickness of the wing outline. That also happens to be my actual favorite color! Beautifully done! I know she has to love it.

I keep thinking about this awesome stitch. I realized it fits the theme for the stitchalong this month! I hope you’ll post it there! :wink:

Ooohh, super beautiful! And haha, LunaR :smile: