M is for Mouse…

Mostly hand drawn ATCs

Prompt was the letter M. Alcohol marker and some paint pen

Prompt was the letter N.
(It’s a nautilus if it’s not obvious)
Micron pen in various sizes, Alcohol marker background

Prompt = Octopus. Acrylic, alcohol marker, micron pen

Prompt = sunflower, alcohol marker and gel pen on mixed media background

No prompt - mircron pen in size 005 and 01


Gorgeous ATCs! That octopus, wow!

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Glad you explained, I didn’t know the proper name and was trying to figure how snail or shell began with an N :smiley:

All of these are beautiful but I love the nautilus shading and the beautiful octopus. That background looks so flowy!

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These are all amazing- that octopus!!! WOW!

Beautiful work! I agree with the octopus love, especially.