Machine Embroidered Thank You Cards

I recently donated some feathers to the LettuceCraft Garage Sale and made these cards to ship the feathers in. I made two different types of feathers for the sale and used the colors from those feathers to make a coordinating card.

After the cards were embroidered, I needed a complementary design that I could print. When trying to come up with something that would work for both feather colors, I remembered some feather fabric that I had purchased. I was able to find a picture of the fabric online and print out the design. When doing any sort of machine embroidery, the back of the embroidery is typically a mess, so I used the coordinating design to cover the back. I also used that same design to cover the back flap of the envelopes. These were just printed on paper and adhered to the card and envelopes. Since making these, I’ve found a better method that I prefer - printing on adhesive label paper.

The various card tutorials I’ve found online have been for making a single card at a time and they have you center the card using a printed template. In my opinion, that’s just time consuming. Instead I use a little trick I’ve learned from my Kimberbell projects (I know I mention Kimberbell a lot in my posts. I’m not obsessed, just appreciative of all they’ve taught me :blush:). I stitch out placement lines of where the cards need to be so I know exactly where to put them - Easy. Peasy.

The thank you design came from UrbanThreads.


These are beautiful! I love them to bits.

How do you get the cards to stay in place during embriodery?

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Thank you so much!
I used 2 different methods of keeping the cards in place. On the first set, I sprayed the backside of the cards with a quilt basting spray. For the second set, I ordered a large roll of sticky stabilizer (it’s the stabilizer in the pic with the card guidelines). The sticky stabilizer has a protective sheet over it, so you hoop the stabilizer, then score and tear off the protective sheet inside the hoop, exposing the adhesive. It’s a tearaway stabilizer with adhesive that’s strong enough to hold the cards (or fabric), but it’s also light enough that you can tear the stabilizer away from the design when finished and it won’t rip the cardstock.


Even the cards are divine. I can’t. :sob::heart:


sighing dreamily over your giant hoop size…

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You thought of every detail making these! They’re so custom and so lovely - what a joy to receive the must’ve been! Thanks for sharing so much about how you made them, too!

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I especially love the coordinating paper for the inside; that’s the kind of detail I don’t always think of. Also love your template hack :+1:t2: .

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These are crazy! You went the extra mile for the garage sale. They are just as beautiful as the feathers!

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So pretty!

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Very pretty!

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