Mad Libs Crazy Quilt Pillows

My parents’ church makes quilts for a children’s home. They gather weekly for sewing and fellowship, so I thought these Mad Libs panels were most appropriate for them. I’m giving it to them on Father’s Day, along with a fine point Sharpie so they can fill out the Mad Libs.

I have never quilted before. Of course, I didn’t bother to look at a single tutorial before I started. I made soooooo many mistakes. Much of the decorative embroidery was just to hide the errors. Live and learn!


These are all kinds of charming!

This is seriously cool, and I love how you found a creative solution to covering the parts you don’t like as much. Charming.

Well, how unique and how fun! I love the crazy-quilt look of them.

I LOVE these! I bet they will, too!

It looks great, and the embroidery really adds something. I can’t believe this is your first time quilting!

I find diving in, making something, making mistakes, fixing mistakes, still loving the results…is a great way to learn a craft. Then maybe researching, learning the tips and tricks, etc. The new skills then sink in better because you have the mental picture and experience to relate new stuff to.

Besides, those crazy quilt mad-libs are awesome! I love the colors, the crazyness, and the embroidery.


Oh my goodness! So much fun! I love it!

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I enjoyed making it and learned a lot. @marionberries I agree, tutorials make so much more sense when you have made enough mistakes to appreciate the information. I watched a few tutorials 3/4 of the way through the process and I was like, “Oooohhh! That would have been a smart way to do it.” :laughing:


The embroidery is my favorite part! Amazing work. :clap:

Those Mad Libs panels are to die for, how fun and unique. You might think you could “do it better” now but these are seriously beautiful! Don’t be so hard on yourself :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:

My dad just received the pillows and he really likes them. :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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