Madeline's hat - mini quilt

my local quilt guild has started doing mini quilt challenges, and after 3 rounds of almost committing, i FINALLY got in on one!
this challenge was to create a mini quilt based on a favorite book from your life, whether it be a current favorite or one from years gone by.
my mini quilt takes me back to elementary school with my favorite teacher from 2nd-5th grades. every year for halloween, she would put on the same miss clavel costume and carry her giant madeline doll with her. you can see at least two years below, along with the most current photo of us from 2017 :slight_smile:
as soon as i got the idea, i hit up pinterest and found the site bookroo which has a line of minimalist posters. i was instantly drawn to the madeline one (see it here!) and emailed the company for permission to use the graphic to create my quilt. after getting the permissions in january and being a total slacker, i made this the wednesday prior to our guild meeting. it turned out exactly like i had hoped it would!


I never read the books as a child, but A) I love how your teacher dressed up as a character, B) I love the graphic simplicity of the applique, C) the quilting pattern is great, and D) I love that you use Madeline fabric on the back! Fantastic job!


I love Madeleine! This is great.

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Every word @craftADDchick said! I mean, YES! I love you still see her, and what great memories. Lucky you to have photos!! Very precious.

And I love the minimalist print. Huzzah for that!

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This is wonderful! Minimalist but instantly recognizable. I also love the geometric quilting!!