Magnetic Ephemera Display

In November I decorate with turkeys and pumpkins. I have a small collection of turkey-themed ephemera that I was displaying on one of those magnetic “twine” thingies that hung on the end of the cabinet at the entry to the kitchen. That “twine” would often get to swing from a dog tail or errant elbow passing by and would sometimes drop one of those tiny strong magnets. Ugh!

It is a 5’ piece of steel bar, about 1/8" thick and 1/2" wide. I drilled a hole in one end to add some picture-hanging hardware and painted the whole thing with copper spray paint. Bumpers were added to protect the cabinet surface.


The whole thing is hung on the same picture rail hardware that Dale the Jackalope is hung on using orange gingham ribbon and a funky copper paperclip.

I use the same tiny magnets to attach the emphemera.


Cool idea, and well-executed! You have a fun turkey collection; love the one in the oven.

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Thank you! The one in the oven cracks me up in this context. It’s a vintage flash card for “oven” and I just got lucky that there’s a turkey in it!

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Such a fun decor and the Jackalope is perfect!

Thanks! The jackalope, Dale, is year-round decor. :rabbit2: :deer:

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I love the jackalope!!! And I love that you named him!!

And your solution for the turkey goodies is both creative and pretty.

Thank you, friend! Dale has these whiskers that remind me of my dear friend, Dale and so it came to be. Also, I’m a namer. Cars, dog toys, cryptids that hang on the walls…

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This is simply genius.

Awwww, thank you! Speaking of thinking, I gave nary a thought to storing this thing the other 11 months of the year. D’oh! It certainly won’t fit into the decoration totes. Perhaps I’ll hang it in the pantry? Sigh.


I like that you aren’t skipping over Turkey-day and going straight to Christmas. The solution to make a magnetic surface is done beautifully.

Thanks! Because TheMisterT LOOOOOVVVVVVESSSSS to cook and we tend to have at least one family visitor, we just can’t skip it. Also because I have started a collection of tacky turkeys that I just gotta display this month!


I was born near Thanksgiving and my mom calls me her Turkey Baby, so I am a little partial to this holiday. :turkey:


Could you just change the ribbon and the decorations according to the season and leave it up year-round?

I’m considering using it for Christmas cards! But I think that after a couple of months of there being stuff there, I will be ready for that to be just-Dale. Well, Dale has some seasonal costumes…

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