Mailbox Vinyl

The door fell off our mailbox so we had to get a new one. I feel like we just GOT a new one, but I looked back and it was 2015. Still. Shouldn’t a mailbox last longer than 6.5 years?

I matched the vinyl to the flag color … because I could.
(I can’t say the same for the screws my husband used. WHY did he use two brass ones in among the others?)


Great idea! In our last neighborhood, I got mean notes from the mailman when neighbors’ cars would block my box, so I cut out “Please do not park in front of mailbox” and stuck it to mine. I figured even if it didn’t stop them, at least the mailman would stop thinking it was me! I didn’t even think to make it pretty or put the address on it!


@dooney My township requires house numbers either on the the mailbox or the house. I have both, because it’s easier to see the numbers on the mailbox than on the house.


So pretty! Hope this one will last longer. Anything under 12-15 years seems like too short a life for a mailbox.

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This looks great! And it does seem like a mailbox ought to last… decades.

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I think my parents’ mailbox has been there since at least 1982.

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The swirly design on the plain mailbox side is very pretty. Neat idea to match the flag color instead of doing white. Makes it more designer.

@TheMistressT We must be hard on mailboxes because we’ve been here 30 years and I know we’ve replaced it at least 4 times.

Last time we replaced it, it looked like this for months until we got around to replacing the post. The mailBOX was fine, so it still met USPS requirements.


WOW! Maybe they “just don’t make 'em like they used to”? :face_with_spiral_eyes: :wink:

I love how well you made everything match! The scrolls by the numbers and the scrolls underneath are too cool.