MAILWHES (mailbox monster) - Monster Jam

There’s a bit of a back story behind this oni-turned mailbox, which you can see at the original thread:

And now I present him anew, for the April Monster Jam!

Watch out - he will spit junk mail back out at you!


Can I please have one of these for my mailbox? Ugh, junk mail!

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Hahah! This is so great! A wonderful Monster Jam addition.

I remember this one!

I remember thinking if i had a mail slot, I would 100% make one of these for my door! I mean, it’s only fair, right? and I need a monster guarding my mail!

I love his eyes. they’re epic, and the slightly different material for this nose and brows & lips really give him depth. Great job!


YES!! I remember this and love it even more now!

How could you forget this guy?! Hilarious.

Love him!!

I forgot about this! I love it!