Make a surgical face mask,

We have our first Corona virus case in Ireland and it is spreading. You can’t buy surgical masks anywhere, so I made some.

I also made a quick video showing how to make them. They use kitchen paper, tissue paper, elastic bands, twist ties and masking tape. They give a really good seal around the face and are surprisingly robust.

Please link it on your social media, if you feel it’s appropriate. Be safe my lovely friends


That’s very clever. But you shouldn’t count on it protecting you…

Apparently masks didn’t work a month ago, but now they do.
Go figure! Thanks


Thank you so much for sharing this with us.


@steiconi absolutely they won’t prevent transmission. But they are better than no mask. And definitely have a role to prevent passing it on, if you get the virus.

Personally I think they’ll actually be good as a reminder to not touch your face.


Right? And a reminder to others to wash their dang hands. I keep finding myself in washrooms with people who leave without scrubbing up. So gross!


Wonderful tutorial, @Edel. No sewing required and it utilizes things around the house! This mask would be helpful for kids waiting for their school bus, elderly folks who can’t handle breathing in the cold air, and for many other situations. Homemade masks may not be medical grade, but they help to catch a cough or nasal fluids, as well as keeping hands away from face. Everything that aids in the spreading of germs is a plus.

Great solution for one of the ways to reduce the spread!