Make A Wish Birthday Matchboxes

I saw something similar on Pinterest and decided to make a few of these some some upcoming birthdays!

I used my Sizzix Big Shot to cut out the parts for the matchboxes and the numbers which are the birth dates of four dear ones.


A Crop-a-dile Big Bite to punch the holes and set the grommets in the top.

Included in each are a book of safety matches (covered in coordinating paper with the strike material left exposed), a candle with t he end tapered to fit, and scalloped circles on which are written “Make a wish!” are a way I use small scraps of paper and the embellishments represent their birthstones.

I didn’t get a pic, but on the bottom of each interior box is a For ______ Love, Tara.


“Birthday Wishes” is stamped on the matchbooks. I will print out little “directions” just so people know to put the candle in the eyelet and roll them up inside. These are going to full-grown adults who know how to handle a birthday candle and paper, so I am not concerned about fire danger. In capable hands this is certainly less dangerous than car travel.

I did buy the candles and the matchbooks (box of 100 - 96 left!), but the rest is all stash! YEY!


Gah! What an adorable way to spread birthday cheer!

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Love this. I remember decorating match boxes back in the day…

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I still have a couple decorated matchboxes from a swap on cster!

So creative!

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Thanks, friends!

I totally missed that trend, @Smmarrt and @Dooney ! Now I can go crazy, though, since I recently got a Bigz die to cut matchboxes. It came with a few thinlits to cut some special bits, too. EEP!


Oh fun! Interactive bday ‘cards’. I love it!

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Ohmigosh! I saw this in one of the other threads & didn’t realize they were matchboxes. So much cuter than random wood block candle holders… :laughing:

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These are adorable and a fun little birthday gift. Also great for those on their “it’ll be warm soon” diets that don’t want the cake but want that Birthday Wish!

What a clever idea- Nice job! :smile:

Thanks, friends!

Such a nice idea & turned out great too!

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