Making plain IKEA mirrors interesting

I did not craft the mirrors, but I used a crafty way to plan how to hang them. I bought 24 identical square mirrors 10+ years ago at IKEA, in order to cover a bad spot on a tall wall. After moving, I knew right where they belonged–but the space needed something more interesting than a solid block of blocks. So I thought about manipulating cutouts on graph paper, but… ugh. Then I remembered how great Google Draw can be. So I made a background roughly to scale, drew two shapes to match the rough sizes of the buffet and a mirror (which I duplicated to get 24 total), and played around until I figured out something I liked. It was like CAD, but free and easy.

Hanging was a snap. I located the point for the center mirror, and used the Velcro type of Command strips to hang it. Once I leveled that, I didn’t have to measure again–I just stuck Command strips on the mirrors and wedged them against what was up on the wall already (just checked occasionally to make sure they were all still level). I held some up as placeholders for the blank spaces. I love how it turned out, and how easy it turned out to be. They’re still the same old IKEA mirrors, but I think they seem much fancier and much more interesting now.

The one thing I’d change about the process would be to clean all the mirrors thoroughly before putting them up (which you can see I didn’t have the foresight to do)!


I never would have thought to decorate with mirrors like that. Cool.

It’s a great display. Very eye catching.

This is so cool! Love repeating patterns… What a clever way to manipulate the mirrors to settle on the best layout.

This is really neat! Great job on the planning beforehand. I generally tend to “eyeball” things, and this probably would have been a disaster for me. :rofl:

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Hahaha! I honestly hate measuring, so the Command strips were the best. One measurement on the wall was all I needed! I’ve recently gotten into a lot more orderly, measured, and planned handbuilt pottery than what I ever did before, and I think that’s impacting my willingness to get more precise in other areas, too. There’s another wall with a somewhat chaotic variety of different styles and sizes of round mirrors… the yin to this wall’s yang (or is it the other way around?)–which was, surprisingly, much harder, and probably because every single placement required some kind of actual decision.


Oh my gosh! I hope you can share that one sometime; I’d love to see!

That’s really cool - very much a centerpiece.

All our windows are on one side, so mirrors are sort of a strategy. :slight_smile:
Then there was the oddly-placed lightswitch to work around. I like this wall, too.


Wow, that’s really cool! It’s such a fun collection of mirrors, and they all complement each other really well.

That you could plan that and make it look as cool is awesome. I love the design, glad that you found a new spot for the mirrors :smiley:

Ooh, I love both arrangements of mirrors! Great inspiration :grinning:

The symmetry is very appealing to me. happy humming

I bookmarked this for knowlege. Gimp is my go-to in some areas. this might fill in some empty spots (pun, unintentional, but funny to me!)

this is so clever and it looks really great, I love that second picture you shared as well!!