Making shoes, who here speaks German?

This site seems to have instructional books for making shoes. The page translated to English says things like:

“The rehearsals were so hardworking!”

Which is charming but, lol. I would need a pretty good translation to follow their instructions!

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I speak a little but not enough to translate instructions.
Good luck.

ich spreche kein Deutsch, but there’s an historical shoemaker on YouTube
Nicole Rudolph

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Thanks, I’ll watch her shoe videos. I’m very interested in making something contemporary, wearable, comfortable, and fabulous!


Holy gee, I’m almost certain I went to school with her! Small world.

(Sorry, magpie, I know this doesn’t address the original question. I know even less German than I do French, and most of my French comes from Jimmy Buffett songs.)


Cool! Invite her to join the forum!

Tagging @Annchen

@Immaculata @madebyBeaG (don’t know if either of you two speak German, but there’s a good chance since you guys always have awesome language skills)

My German is limited to Danke and Guten morgan

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No help on the German and if these didn’t weight 90000 lbs I would ship you the antique shoe forms and supplies I have but alas never use!

If you have any specific words or sentences you want translated, just shoot them at me.
For Dutch people it is easy to understand German (but not so easy to write or speak it, I find).

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Oh, I would love them, I’m sure! We’re itching to travel, maybe one day we’ll visit!

Beag, thank you. Google translate did an ok job but I’m wondering about their products, if they are all in german. If so, I wouldn’t be able to make good use of them.

@anna.wahnsinn , how do they look to you?


I’d deliver but my passport expired and it seems to be lost in the great void of the US passport system - no clue when it will ever return! But, hey make the tips, we’re pretty close to one another. They arne’t going anywhere so if you make it here or come to the states they are yours!

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Yes, same for me! Not an expert but reading German is fairly easy for us and I took German in school for 4 years (and 5 years of French but I can just about order a coffee when I’m in Belgium…)

Also @Ewulotta may be able to help you out as well.

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Oooh yes, these look like very nice barefeet shoes. I’d love to try and make them myself!

The quote you mentioned basically says “look how industrious our pattern testers have been” :slight_smile:

I’ll hunt down the link for international customers, it says there’s an English translation included. And even if that’s not available anymore, I’d say that between your degree in fashion design and mine in literary translation we will definitely work this out!


Yup, here they are on Makerist

You can buy the 20-35 (baby to teen) and 36-48 (adults) e-books and you get

  • the e-book with the instructions
  • a zip file with the pattern
  • another zip with the English translation

I’m not sure if the link will work exactly as I hope. If not just copy barfoots into the search bar.


You are the literal best! I’m so excited about making shoes!!!


It says English translations come with the books.


Did you ever try these out @Magpie they look fab

It’s on the long list!