Mandalorian Armourer Watercolor with bonus Grogu!

For the recent May the 4th Be With You swap, my partner listed “art” first in her questionnaire. Since I have been stretching and building my art muscles recently, I decided to try to do a watercolor version of her favorite character, the Armourer from Mandalorian. I found an inspiration picture online that I’m embarrassed to link because it’s SO much better than my version, but it’s important to me to acknowledge inspiration. Anyway, here is my version:

I sketched the outline in pencil, added watercolor, then added details in pen (uniball air micro, black). Some of the highlighting was done with white acrylic ink.

I mounted the whole thing on an art panel meant for pour painting (improvising with what was readily available!) that I painted black. I was inspired by @gozer and her awesome cradle board/wood panel mounted pieces.

Here are a couple more shots just because:

And as a bonus, because I wasn’t 100% confident in my art skills, I made a little spaced out Grogu magnet (and one for myself while I was at it!).

May the 4th Be With You!


Love these! You can be confident that your art is definitely “gift-worthy!”

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I think the entire package was a success! The Armourer turned out great, and yes, I love mounting the artwork. It’s so much more substantial than a piece of paper. Without making a joke, it gives it weight. Ha! Your Grogu’s are adorable as well!


Nicely done!!!


I love it! There is something about that moody gray watercolor background that really sets the picture off, too. I peeked at the inspiration picture, and don’t feel it’s really fair/appropriate to compare them; to me, yours is a different style (that I prefer!)

The little cards are very cute, as well. Happy May the 4th!


It’s awesome!

(I agree that comparing your watercolor to the digital art that inspired it isn’t fair - the two techniques are so different.)


Thanks for the kind words, all! :blush:

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Great job!!!

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WOW! You’re really getting GOOD!

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This does not look like you are new to watercolor. He looks great. Well done!

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Wow, all your painting skills really shine here. Great work!
The green guys are super cute too.

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