March 14th Pi Day Project

We’re looking forward to Pi Day, so we were looking through some of our past Pi Day projects. This one was a family favorite!

First, baby.sweets4ever taught baby.sweets4ever2 all about Pi. :slight_smile: We made a 4-piece Pi poster because everything is way more fun as poster size.

Then I printed (free) graph paper for each kiddo. With black markers, they colored in the blocks to match the first few numbers of Pi. They had no idea what they were creating at this point.

Next I set them up with watercolors and they got to painting bands of colors. One chose warm colors and the other chose cool colors. I was secretly quite giddy about their selections.

At this point, baby.sweets4ever proclaimed, “Hey! It looks like I’m making a sunset!” He was on to me. :smiley: But he still didn’t realize he had created a cityscape just yet…

And finally, they cut out their graph paper creations and we glued them onto their paintings. They hung them in their bedrooms immediately!

Here is free grid paper I printed from WaterProofPaper. They have different sizes, so I printed the one I felt most appropriate for each kiddo. The Pi poster was from 10MinuteMath, but their site is no longer available.


Super cool Pi-ject!

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Thank you!

Love it when kids are so proud of their art. Pure joy.

What a great way to celebrate Pi Day!

Wow! What a cool idea! And they turned out so well, too!

that’s so cool!
I’ll have to try that with my local kid and her friends, should be fun.

How fun and what a great idea! :smiley:

I love the cool nerdiness of this and what a fun way to learn about Pi!