Mardi Gras a mask for Glasses Wearers

Cut three pairs of Velcro sandwiches. Glue one piece to each temple and to bridge on backside mask. Wrap mask across frame and sandwich into place using remaining pieces of Velcro. Tip found online.


This is brilliant.

That’s a clever fix! Is the mask soft on the inside? I was just curious about scratching the lenses. You could also add a small spacer if your mask was more rigid.




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Yes it is soft-I’m using 3mm sheet foam. Flexible, lightweight. Cuts with regular scissors. You can paint it but it takes 3 coats. I am using Aleene’s foam and felt glue.


You can also hide the glasses even further (especially if your glasses’ frames show though the eyeholes in some way) by putting a piece of grey or black tinted plastic on the inside of the mask behind each eyehole. The only downside is it’s a bit like wearing sunglasses so it’s not ideal for all situations (nighttime events in particular!) and having darkened eyes also doesn’t suit the aesthetic of every mask but it’s great for darker/creepier styles.

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This idea is so clever! One of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” things. I have a mask that needs a bit more fancying up, but it’s been in the “eventually” pile for a while because of my glasses. Thanks so much for sharing this!

I said the same thing! I cannot remember where I found this but whoever they were I am appreciative they shared.

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or those colored pages that are used as dividers in a 3 ring binder

This is a really clever design!!!

Oh my gosh! This is brilliant.

What a great idea! But I want to see the front of your mask, show me the art?

Purple and gold from tip photo along with another mask made about a month ago


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Yay! What fun! Thank you for sharing the fronts of your ingenious Mardigras masks!