There’s going to be a margarita “bar” with various flavor options set up at a family party coming up, so I decided to put together a quicky banner for it that coordinates with some napkins I picked up today.


I chose tropical themed papers from a pad in mystash, because we’re meeting in a tropical location and the colors went well with the napkins.



And here as the fun napkins. Even though we’re not going to be in a flamingo area, we are going to be in a poolside area! :beach_umbrella:


Muy bonito!

Love the tropical patterns!

Thank you!

So fun! I have no doubt this party will be the best. :tada:

Aw, thanks!

The party queen! Next time I have a party I need to call you……:smile:

The banner really does complement the napkins ! Looks great!

Awww, you! THANKS!

Cute decor!


But now I want a margarita… At 10:26 am…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Some mornings are like that… even without a banner.