Marvel Quilt (2021)

I have used Obsessively Stitching’s First Quilt Ever pattern nearly a dozen times now, including back in 2015 when I made a version for a friend who was expecting her first child.

Late in 2020 she mentioned to that her younger son, who was three or so at the time, was a bit jealous of his big brother’s quilt. So clearly the answer was to make another! His only request was Marvel. Luckily I had some on-theme fabric in stash and when January rolled around and my no-buy for 2020 finished up I set out to grab some coordinating material and make yet another version of my favorite pattern.

Scrunch Test

Scrappy Binding (my favorite part)

A matching mini boxy pouch for his mama

And because it’s me, a doll dress out of some scraps


That’s bright and cheerful looking!

This is great, I especially love the scrappy binding

What a sweet gift!

Colorful quilt for a child! I also love how you seemed to make use of all the leftover fabrics!

Something for everyone. The zippered pouch is nice with the pop of orange zipper!

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So cool! Love the striped binding. And hey, I have that same fabric that you used for the backing.

What a lucky little kiddo! He must treasure this cool quilt. Add me to the chorus singing the praises of the scrappy binding, too. I also love the photo of it over the snowy fence!

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:balloon: :balloon: :balloon: Congrats! Your project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:

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Wow, that looks amazing! The scrappy binding is so great too.

So colorful and lively! Great fabrics for a fun theme. Yep, the binding is wonderful!

That was so nice of you to make the brother a quilt too. It’s very bright and cheery. Love that doll dress too! Sewing tiny is hard!

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I love the Marvel-but-not-overwhelming-Marvel thing you have going on, here. It’s perfect.

What a fun and colorful quilt! I like the variety of coordinating fabrics. Is the purple fabric flannel?

How handy that you have a quilt pattern up your sleeve and ready to go whenever you need to make a quilt!

Lovely quilt!! That scrappy binding is super!!
Nice mini boxy pouch!! (what do people normally keep in those?) and cute doll dress!! :smiley:

@AudiobookLover The purple isn’t flannel but it sure likes it in pictures. It was kind of a sponge print look and became a little more distressed once it had been laundered.

@Harlan That’s one of the issues of little pouches - they look cute but aren’t exactly the most practical. I keep my earbuds in mine, but the size is also perfect for lindor truffles :wink:


but not * enough * lindor truffles!! :wink: