So. I have made approximately 250 masks so far over that past 3 weeks (send elastic). This isolation out if work thing is a farce. I’m crushing 12 hours days 6 days a week. And the only reason I put in a quick 7 today is cause I killed the best portion of a bottle of Chardonnay with dinner :smile: and we have VERY strict rules about drinking and rotary cutting after the bloodbath of '09.

Anyhoo. Since I’m now accustomed to doing stuff into the wee hours I decided to let the cricut get to work for me.

I work at a local craft brewery (Black Swan Brewing Co) and asked the owner for the high Res of the swan logo. D ran it thru his magic computer and voilà!

Work masks! For the management still trying to keep the lights on with delivery. (if you can, support your local owned brewery, bakers, restos and market suppliers)


These are fantastic! You are a mask-making warrior.

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AWESOME! It took me a sec to realize what the logo was! :rofl:

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I wanna hear about the bloodbath of ‘09! :joy:

These masks are fantastic!

And 250 masks!! Holy moly you are a MACHINE! :astonished:


Awesome masks!
I’m a bit puzzled by the swans?
But I love them anyway.
I hope you all recovered from the '09 bloodbath.

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Brilliant! They look great! And holy moly, 250 masks?!!? Wow!

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250, eh? Ya, that sounds like you. Not one to ever sit still! The diving swan logo is excellent.

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What a great idea and great execution!

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ha ha ha who wouldn’t want a swan butt on their nose?

What a great idea to help your local businesses! You never do anything half-assed!

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It’s Duncan. The local brewery swan.

(Bloodbath '09… I was a new quilter, around 2 years in, making one of my first real wedding gifts. I had gone out for lunch with a girlfriend and we had a few drinks. Instead of heading home and sleeping off the little afternoon buzz, I figured I’d get to my deadlined project. You all can see how this is a terrible idea. But a head full of bubbly can make a girl feel invincible.

I line up my rotary cutter on the edge of my ruler and went to pull towards me (I’m self taught, I had MANY bad habits) and nicked the edge of the ruler, cutter hopped up, skittered across the ruler,hit the side of my thumb.

Momentum had me by that point and it just kept going, down the edge of my thumb, hit my watch band, angled away from the soft underside of my wrist and stopped about three inches up my forearm. All in about 7 seconds.

And then the blood started welling. I left trails of blood on my way to the bathroom to wash, the kitchen to get a towel to staunch it. Didn’t require stitches and had a hell of a clean up (didn’t ruin the fabric either) and then sensibly, had a nap.

D comes home from work and says " hey, looks like someone’s bleeding?"

There was one perfect circle drop in the hallway I missed.

And why I wear a watch. If I hadn’t hit and angled I may have slit my wrist all the way up.
And that’s why we have a no rotary cutter after 2 beers)sloth003… Making X-treme Quilting a thing since '09


glad you survived to sew another day!!!

We have kitchen rules for similar reasons…I need supervision at all times, especially around things like the stove or oven…and knives… :smiley:

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I feel this one! I am often supervised while using sharp implements. I’m also not allowed to play with power tools.

Ah, okay, at first I saw a whale bending backwards instead of the bottom of a swan. LOL


lol now I see that, too! ha ha great imaginations, right? ha ha

It was a strange looking whale anyway… LOL

Wow, that IS some extreme quilting! Glad you were wearing a watch!!