Masterboard Happy Mail Cards (Or, What I Did During My Saturday Morning Zoom Meeting)

I had one of those Zoom meetings this weekend where I needed to be there but didn’t actually need to participate much. So I kept my camera off and stuck some masterboard bits onto cards for the Happy Mail Craftalong.

Actually, I cut most of these pieces up during an LC Zoom as well, so these truly are Fruit of the Zoom. (I’ll see myself out.)

Thanks for looking!


These are great! I love how versatile masterboards are :heart: I love all the little wavy lines. :kissing_heart: They are ready to zoom around the globe (I’ll see myself out right after you!) :joy:

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These turned out great!

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Fruit of the Zoom… * snort * I love you guys!! :joy:

Clever idea for some quick and cute cards!

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Love the wavy lines!

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Love seeing the creative way people are using the masterboards! How fun and lovely!

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Thanks, everyone! With any luck, I’ll get around to sending them out sometime this decade :laughing: .

I genuinely considered making that the title of the post…