Masterboard swap package

Oof, so I was REALLY late on this last masterboard swap. I’ve just felt super overwhelmed lately and I guess it manifested in immense artist’s block, particularly with paper craft. But I finally just pushed myself through it and managed to make some stuff I think turned out pretty cute. :slight_smile:

Here are the masterboards themselves:

The one on the left is supposed to be kinda fish-scaley, made up of circles cut from a bunch of different random paper stuff I’d been saving for collaging.
Bottom right is a paper bag with a bunch of mostly white paper scraps (also from random saved pamphlets and stuff) scattered all over it, and then painted with various homemade stamps like sponges, forks, and a chopstick.
And the upper right is a ton of different paper layered over each other, starting with colored cardstock and also including crepe paper, tissue paper, and white paper napkins with gold leaves on them. I really love the effect of the more translucent papers over more vivid colors, and I think I’m going to continue experimenting with that layering in future paper projects!

I also made a little owl ATC using one of my older masterboards:

(When I’m having trouble being creative I tend to default to owls; somehow I can always seem to make one of those, no matter how difficult art may seem at the time!)

And then I used a bit of the side of the new paper bag masterboard to make some two-layered die cut embellishments:

I hope my patient partner Smmarrt enjoys these and finds fun ways to use them!!


That transparent effect is so cool. And the little owl is adorable!


Love that cut-out circle idea!! By which I mean, will probably be borrowing…


The fish scales idea is brill! Love those stars too, such a cool thing with their little star frames.


Wow! So much color and texture! The translucent papers are a great addition!


My eyes were immediately drawn to the fish scales! Love it


Love those stars. It looks like you kicked that artist block in the bum! These are great.

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