Masterboard Swap Rd2 Gallery

Oh, what a great idea! Where did you get all the international text?

My county’s library system has a big sale every year to sell off old books. the first day books are cheap but still would really add up if you bought a lot. the 2nd day is cheaper but on the THIRD day they give you a box for $5 and you can fill it up. and it’s a big box. in 2019 I filled that sucker up with a bunch of foreign language books and other interesting books for mixed media art.

Sadly, because of covid they didn’t have the sale in 2020 but still needed income so they started using an online site to sell off books. and I guess because it saved them time and money they have decided to continue with the online selling.


I also received from @Reinikka!
Such a beautiful package and so hard to get good pictures to show the layers within each MB and the items she crafted

a close up that will not do them justice

the book mark, so pretty

and a little journal I will be slipping into my larger junk journal as a note taking spot!


Okay, I am frustrated you haven’t received from me yet, but I am drooling over that little journal especially! Wow!!! I always love @reinikka’s work! There is so much going on in those masterboards. :slight_smile:

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@Lynx2Lancer I know and you’re geographically closer to me! Like what the heck mail man whatcha doing with our master boards???

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:heart: thank you :blush: The journal was a masterboard experiment I’ve wanted to try for a while so I finally said “why not? Just do it!” I painted the yellow, green, and blue stripes then when they were dry I covered the whole thing with mod podge and a full top layer of a patterned napkin, followed by more mod podge, then splattered some paint on top. I really love how it turned out but I was afraid it was too simple to be sent as a masterboard so I used it for the journals instead :slight_smile:


I recognize that napkin - I still have more if you need more…


I went on a mini napkin buying spree a few months ago and bought a package at Ikea :sweat_smile: …cause I neeeeeeeded them :wink:

I received some awesome masterboards and ATC from @GeekyBookworm :smile:


“Shelf of Wonder”

Thank you @GeekyBookworm :grin: I love all the textures on the masterboards and the rainbow shelf on the ATC is great! The hat and tie are also so fun :smile: Thanks again!


Great masterboards and fun atc! I love the tie!

My masterboards to @bugaboo sadly have gone missing, so I resent to her on Monday.


Those are so cool, @GeekyBookworm! Love all the textures on the masterboards. How did you achieve that grid effect? The ATC is brilliant, too!

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Apologies for being so very very late, but here are my wonderful goodies from @Smmarrt!!

I got a VERY generous package with SO MUCH STUFF!

Here are all the masterboards. There’s a huge variety of techniques and supplies used - even thread! I can’t wait to use these to make gorgeous, vibrant ATCs. Look at those bold colors!

And here are two wonderful ATCs!

Aren’t they darling?! Such positive messages, and one even features one of my favorite quirky animals, a moray eel!! I love them and they are happily at home in my ATC binder.

Not pictured are a TON of extra papers for use in papercraft, including photocopies of other masterboards (so many more designs and colors!) and various other paper ephemera. I feel absolutely spoiled. Thank you so much for this generous package, Smmarrt, and for your patience with my extreme slowness this round!


Oooh, those are gorgeous! I’m especially drawn to the green one in front… and the one with the white concentric rings… and the one with the thin black lines… Never mind, they are all fabulous! And the ATCs are very cool, too. Can’t wait to see what you make with these, @roler.

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My first package to @bugaboo went missing, so I resent, and tracking said it arrived about a week ago. Bugaboo hasn’t been online, so I hope she’s okay.

I’m gonna post!

The masterboards:

The “encourage” one is my favorite. I made her some tiny envelopes and a tiny book.

Here’s the missing package.

Part of me is grateful to resend because my “thing made with masterboard” is more closely connected in size to the paper bag book she made me.


Sorry the first one went missing… but the package that did arrive is so gorgeous! Love the booklet!

I received from @roler. Three gorgeous master boards (these will come in handy for the class I’m taking.)

And an ATC and some star embellishments - again I’ll use these on my paper dolls.

Thanks so much Laura!

(Better photos later - I’m rushing. I wanted to post)


Wow, so cool! It must have taken forever to line all those circles up… @roler, are those all tissue papers over the grid? They look so translucent.

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Yeah, it’s a mix of tissue paper, crepe paper, and in the case of the white with gold leaves, napkins!


I had this post bookmarked to remember to respond to it and I still forgot!

That’s another type of dry wall tape. It’s plasticky and good for texture or even use as a stencil.