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Here are my goodies from @Lynx

The 3 master boards. Lots of bright colors!

A piece using sun paper - very cool. It has a translucent look to it

And a collages piece with ton of texture!

And mini envelopes for the small craft.

Thanks @Lynx !


So pretty and her mini envelopes are so adorable!

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I’m glad you like them!

Ooooh, I love the colors! Collage is very cool. And the envelopes are fun, too.

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I was spoiled with masterboard goodness by @Bugaboo!

My favorite is the one on the right!

Steph definitely didn’t make a small. Look at this pretty paper bag book. I remember trying to make one once for a swap. It was not this awesome.

She included a cute handmade little mini notepad and atc card!

Thank you!


Yay happy it arrived! I hope you find it all useful and feel free to critique my master boards I haven’t been doing them long

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Wow, that is definitely not a small and it’s wonderful! My favorite board is the one with the most yellow. (Of course, I’ve always been biased toward yellow.)

I received from @Bugaboo too! :smile:

The masterboards, I love the variety of colors from grey scale to sunset to ultra bright :star_struck:

The (not so small) small is a fun paper bag journal, it’s so cool! With little skinny notebook and ATC


Oooh, very nice! Love the ATC, too.

So glad you both like it and in my defense the not small small is a small LOL Its not finished - you both get to embellish (which is where time comes in to play) and create something totally different and unique from the same starting base!


@Bugaboo your paper bag books are awesome! I love them.

I got my great masterboards from @endymion. I really like how she incorporated images in a couple of them.
I’m going to hate cutting this up (but I will!)

Close ups for detail

2 gorgeous notecards. One featuring pieces of masterboard from @Reinikka and a flower from @photojenn

And a pretty ATC

Thank you @endymion !


Ohhh so pretty I really love the black with all the writing! So much to learn here!!

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Thanks @geekgirl for the surprise goodies. I won’t say anything else for now…

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Yesterday I received a great package of masterboards from @geekgirl and some fun notecards!

I always adore your work. Thanks so much Carlee. Can’t wait to use these!!


Those are beautiful! So vibrant; I love them.

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I received these wonderful masterboards and a little masterboard bookmark and booklet from @Reinikka today!


Wow you guys, the artwork in this gallery is fabulous!!

Nice ones, @Reinikka! I love that bookmark.

Today’s mail held some beautiful masterboards and notecards from @geekgirl. I love them!

First the masterboards. This is the whole set.

And here is some detail.

The colors are vibrant, and I especially love the yellow one with its snippets of international text and ticket fragments, etc. There’s also some very cool texture on some of them, like paper with holes punched.

Then she also sent the most wonderful set of four notecards with flower and leaf details.

I so love these and cannot wait to use them. Thanks so much!!!


That is drywall tape! You can get a giant roll for like $6. And it’s sticker based so I can peel the backing off and use both pieces. Nothing like frugal crafting :rofl: