Matchbox-style Gift Boxes

I made a few different matchbox style gift boxes for giving gift cards & jewelry this year. I made matching tags with a tag punch, too. the skate tag came from the same pad that the paper for that box did.


There’s also an envelope for a gift subscription to a quilting magazine we’re gifting to my MIL.

The matchbox files came from the free files from svgcuts. They are very old and designed for a different cutter so a few tiny “compromises were made,” as they say. I resized them for gift cards. The envelope is from one the the svgcuts cards I had, also resized to suit my needs.


Those are adorable. Love the little tags.

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They are supercute! And such a nice touch with the gift tag too!

Very cute. I love the designs

Thank you, friends!

Such cute boxes might outlast the gift inside!


Thank you!

So cute, all of them! Looks like your tweaks were quite effective!

These are lovely! I am always so impressed with your gift wrapping/ presentation skills

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So sweet!

Thanks youse guys!