Maternity Sweater

Just finished my first maternity sweater! I used a sweater tutorial I had before and added more fabric on the sides and made the front longer to make room for the growing belly. Also and most importantly I added pockets! Best idea ever (it was actually the husbands contribution).


Looks great and pockets(!) = genius!

Nice! I’m apparently incapable of making anything useful like apparel… yours is so useful it even has pockets! Super cool!

Pockets! If there’s anything that could make that excellent top better, pockets would be it. Love that Saturn fabric!

Great job! And congratulations!

Before I zoomed in I thought the pattern was yarn balls with needles sticking through. I like the planets!
and everything should have pockets!!!

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I thought of yarn balls as well :laughing:

The sweater looks great…and pockets…swoon.

It should be a law that all clothing has pockets…even swimsuits!!

Great job…and congrats!

Congratulations on the tummy tenant and on creating such a perfect sweater! Pockets are essential and you look wonderful :slight_smile:

It is so hard to find cute maternity clothes that actual have personality. That top is a) flattering b) fashionable and c) shows your personality with those super cool planets. Great job!

I thought it was knitting balls too but I am sure that is just because we are on a crafting site. Ha! I love the fabric and the addition of pockets. Sewing clothes is so intimidating. You did a great job!

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Pockets are amazing, and another amazing thing is having clothes that will fit a long time (especially as the belly grows), great idea, and great sweater