Mavis's Turkey Leg Antlers

Mavis is this ceramic deer head that has holes where antlers would be and I like to switch out her gear. I finally have a November pair for her.


They’re made from a “quilted” fleece for the “meat/skin” and some Pellon 808 interfacing for the frills. ALL STASH!

There’s a typical wood skewer poked up through the center of the leg. I cut a wine cork in half with a hole drilled in it to secure them to Mavis’s head.

P.S. The legs are the same size, but the hole I drilled in one of the cork halves is crooked so one leg is cattywompus. I think it looks more natural that way. :thinking:


:rofl: Those are some great legs!

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Thanks! She’s never skipping leg day again!


this is hilarious, and so clever!

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Hysterical!! What’s not to love here?? :joy:

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Thanks, pals!

The wonkiness is def natural! These are fantastic. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Tis the season…some season or other…

Hahahahaha…so quirky, I love it!

Thanks, y’all!

Oh, this is so weird and wonderful!

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