May 24, 2020 - Site Updates

I’ve added some of these over the last two months, but haven’t officially announced any, so here’s one big bundle for you.

Revamped User Menu

The user menu is now tabbed. Enjoy direct access to notifications, bookmarks, and messages right from your user menu.

Clicking or tapping your username lets you jump into your summary, activity, messages, preferences — or log yourself out.

Better Insert Hyperlink

When inserting a hyperlink from the composer, all you could do is paste in an URL. How boring. Now you can dynamically search for existing topics directly from that very same field. Just start typing to begin your search!

Poll improvements

Polls can now be presented as pie graphs, and restricted to voting by specific groups (staff option).
Polls can be set to close at a certain date and time, and Staff can also export poll data with a single click for further analysis if needed.

Bigger, Badder Emojis

One of our features is that posting a link on a line by itself causes magic to happen in the form of something called “oneboxing.” Now emojis get special treatment as well.


:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

When 1 - 3 emojis are typed on their own line, they’re now react as the bigger, badder versions of themselves.

Nerdy Stuff

I’ve also worked on and/or installed some nerdy behind-the-scenes stuff with security keys, upgrades, bulk awards, tag synonyms and merging, account creation module overhaul, email template improvements, flagged post restoration alerts, merging tags, About page improvements, building the blog (launching soon and will need guest bloggers and artists, if anyone is interested!), etc. None of these are nearly as fun as the aforementioned, but worth mentioning! :heart:


Loving the new user menu, I have been enjoying the easy access to all the different things I need !

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Thanks for all the hard work to make Lettuce Craft even better, Sweets!


I’m so glad!!

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Welcome! :heart:

Thank you!

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Thanks for the updates sweets!

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You are amazing!


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