Meet Owlbert - Monster Jam

Meet Owlbert. He is a cute monster doll that loves Parcheesi and pineapple.

He is proud of his warty head. He feels it adds character.

But he’s a bit embarrassed by his phallic tail…

Which is why he wears his fancy blue cape everywhere he goes!

Come join in on Monster Jam 2020!!!


Hahaha! I love the story behind the cape. He is so cute. Love the mismatched eyes. It gives him an, “Are you talking about me” expression!

I feel like his warty head adds so much character too! What a wise ole Owlbert. And the cape, well… some things are just best kept under wraps after all :smile:.

His cape! Dying!

He is so adorable!

Owlbert is just the cutest, most adorable little guy!

His warts are brilliant! I love his feathered ears, and multi-sized eyes. Haha - his tail. You are hilarious, GG.

:four_leaf_clover: :heartbeat: :shamrock:

I love the fact that he has a cape! The yarn you used is awesome. He’s adorable.

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He is, right? So undercover!