Meet the Maitlands- Beetlejuice art project!

I found this old frame for a dollar at a thrift store when I was visiting family in Idaho. I instantly decided I wanted to do a portrait of the Maitlands from Beetlejuice, as I have been on Tim Burton art kick recently.

I decided I wanted to do them when they were being exorcised, as they looked really cool in the green monotone. I used this image I found online as a main reference, plus a few others.

I drew them out, inked them and colored with watercolor and crayons.

I was going to do the frame in black and white stripes, but I decided doing it in purple and the little flourishes, like sandworms.

I had to hot glue the back because the pins it had were very loose and wouldn’t keep the glass in very well. As you can see you can hang it on the wall as well as setting it on a shelf.

Hope you enjoyed looking at it! :slight_smile:


As a big beetlegeuse (juice) fan, I love it!!

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Wonderful transformation!

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Awesome! You could make and swap out portraits of their normal and scary forms too for three different looks!

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This is sooo cool! I knew exactly the scene you used as reference. It’s so recognizable but also so your style.

Love the sandworm flourishes in the frame!!!

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These are so cool, and the sandworm flourishes are absolute perfection! They really pull the entire project together.

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This is so fantastic. I love the sandworm flourishes and you captured them all so perfectly! I LOVE it!

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It’s so cool that you were able to see this frame and go BEETLEJUICE! So dang cool.

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I love how you rendered them in drawing! They look excellent how you inked and colored them. The frame is so perfect for this plus the painted detail of the sandworm bodies!

I love the part where they hold hands and pieces of them break apart. I tell my husband that’s what I want with him when we’re old together.


I cannot even express how freaking cool I think this is. You always do an amazing job!

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Embellishing the flourishes that way is a stroke of genius!

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Thank you everyone. This was one of my favorite projects I’ve done. I had a couple people interested in buying it, but it was too expensive I guess. I really don’t mind keeping it. lol.

What a fabulous project and so clever turning that motif into worms, perfect!

The sandworms are perfection! I’m thinking of doing a little beetlejuice project soon too. I found a great little mausoleum set on discount at the hobby store recently that’s calling me.

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