Mend and maintain for a sustainable 2020

I have a bunch of jeans I’d love to do some repair work on. Finding a good pair of jeans is a challenge in itself and then I end up wrecking them over time. The first link posted about jeans repair has me itching to find a good solution. I always end up wearing holes in the inner thigh area of my jeans. Which is just embarrassing.


I had to redo my jeans patch from earlier this season. It was no match for the power of a grabby-climby toddler. So I did a new more substantial patch. And then a week later they ripped right below that one. I am pondering how to handle that. Both emotionally and physically haha.


Oh man! :tired_face: The first patch looks great though!

Thanks! I love that fabric. It’s scrap from a project my sister made me… in 1998! This is why i can never just get rid of stuff! Lol my ol’ New England Yankee mentality gets a validation like this just often enough to keep everything. Haha

[Also, personal motto: never do the math. In this case i’m not doing maths that would determine how many long years i have hoarded fabrics and still don’t sew!]


very nice patch job!!!

Thank you!

I just completed a batch of mending! Feels good!

While folding laundry, I noticed kiddo’s PJ pants had a big ol’ rip in them. What the heck?

Quick run through machine…fixed!

Then my pj pants needed a similar treatment…

I kept the momentum going by FINALLY repairing a hole in my leggings. It’s getting colder, so it was a needed mend.

(bonus, used a piece of sport lycra I got as a free swatch from spoonflower a million years ago!)

And gave one of the girls’ leggings the same treatment!

We’ll see how long these last… :crossed_fingers:


I never thought about mending leggings…you did a fine job…let us know how it works…I always thought that the stretch would tear again soon but you seemed to stitch pretty far in…and yeah, PJ’s really do take a beating these days…


Got a set of patches done on husband’s work coat. The little patch covers what might have been damage caused bu my quilter’s square ruler that i was using to make sure I didn’t sew his pocket shut. In any case I hadn’t noticed it until I was partway through the big one.

It’s not pretty, but at least now things wont be falling out as he walks. :slight_smile:


I’m back with more patched boy pants! Surely I’ve patched every pair they own now. :stuck_out_tongue:

The tan ones may come back to bite me. I wasn’t thinking and used a thick wool. Well, I was thinking, and my thought was, “This will be sturdy.” Which may be the case, but we’ll see what happens when it goes through the wash. :confused:

Good patching, @Abbeeroad and @AntBee


Thanks! Nice pants- you’ve been busy!
Today I hit up the mending pile as well. It was so nice out and i just could not clean that kitchen one more time lol (Tomorrow Me is going to be livid.)
I managed reattaching a fancy frog’s leg, a rooster’s comb, and an elastic strap to a cloth mask as well as closing up tears in some PJ pants. I have several kitchen towels that need holes patched, but I also just need new ones. We’ll see.


Wow, what a fantastic patch! I would never have thought of patching silk at all.

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I collect sari skirts and since they are made of recycled fabrics, many need minor repairs…it is hard sometimes because the fabric is so light and even a patch seems heavy for the fabric to hold up…I am working on some lacy patches with my embroidery machine…you do the embroidery on washable stuff and it just leaves the thread to use as a patch.


Huh-- I never thought about using FSL* patterns to patch things with. Interesting!

*freestanding lace

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Silks get small pinholes when the thread tears from wear…in my skirts, they are in places that are not stressed by wear…usually in front, or along the bottom…I think the thread embroidery would just cover the holes but I wouldn’t use it for actual patches like at the knees or bottom…

I belong to a FB group that is all about repairing these silk skirts…lots of ideas in there…I have only had to repair two so far…


I had to completely remake one if my sari skirts. I must have gotten a new trainee’s first day skirt. The hem was half sewn and the tie was very wonky. It was easier to fix than send back. I do love silk skirts.

Yes, our group does repairs but also frankenskirts where they change one of the layers…I love the mix of patterns and colors so I haven’t changed any of mine…I am a bit addicted to them, though…lol


I have a cotton (I think?) patchwork skirt that I bought in Taos, NM, but it wasn’t sewn very well so I’ve had to re-sew pieces together. It’s one of those where it needs to be in the Delicate wash, then laid out to dry, then twisted and secured into a knot for storage. It makes it real wavy and fun. I’m pretty sure I could make something just like it, but sewing isn’t my strongest suit. I used to be better at it, but now my sewing machine sits there intimidating me.