Meowter Space Pocket Letter - ATC Trio

I made this for @Lynx2Lancer in the Mini Pocket Letter Swap. It was my first one ever and so much fun!

I used this tutorial for the space background. I could not be more happy with how it came out! The line drawing of the cat was heavily inspired by this image.

Here’s the back!

I went back and forth on what to tuck into the pockets, but ultimately loved the space theme so much I had to commit fully. I made the little space bunting to go in there since my personal space stash was lacking.

Here’s a detailed shot of the watercolor planets. I know the scale and colors are not right. I winged it!

Thanks for looking!


I love it! The space bunting is so cute and will love in my classroom (I love saying I have a classroom!)


Its so cute! I love the way you left the cat white. It helps it stand out. Absolutely purr-fect!


This pocket letter is FAR OUT! :smiley: :tomato:


This is amazing! I totally thought the front backgrounds were preprinted paper. It looks so great! The whole thing is absolutely amazing. I love the way the line drawing cat just jumps off the page. It’s so cute!!!

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Thanks guys! :smile:

Oh my! I like your About Me section because we agree on almost everything (my fav planet is Neptune). “Meowter Space” gets me every time chuckles These are just fantastic, so spacey!

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Your background really is fabulous :hugs:

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How purr-fect! The spacey background looks wonderful, and the cat is just chillin’ in that helmet.

Your space-themed letter was inspired! So much fun!

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Oh my! This is just so adorable!

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Meowter space :heart_eyes_cat:! And I love that your About Me is on-theme. Plus, that setup gives me ideas about how I could do one of these; it seems less intimidating than a letter (and anyway, I always think those kinds of random details about someone are fascinating).

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The “about me” letter was the hardest part of the swap, haha. Making it on theme totally helped. @geekgirl suggested the fillable form style, which also took some pressure off! :sweat_smile:

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