Meowy Christmas cards

My Christmas cards this year were gelli print backgrounds with cats in cardigans

I used this collage book I bought on a whim. The cats are hilarious.


I love these!

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I really love the combination of Xmas colored gelli prints and these cozy cats! Did you print these backgrounds on sticker paper?

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I did! it makes adhering the gelli print to the card so much simplier, no glue, no tape. just trim the sticker paper to size and peel!


These are a hoot! Extra festive with the handmade jelly prints.

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So genius. I will be stealing this idea!


These are so fun! I gave a gelli plate as a gift this season, I have to show these as inspiration.

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Awesome assortment!

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I love them!

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Love the gelli backgrounds (especially that first one! :heart_eyes_cat:) Thanks for sharing the link to the awesome cats, as well.

Fantastic! I love these! Using sticker paper is truly genius in my opinion. They turned out so great!