Messenger bag - repurpose of coffee packages - Bolsas de café reutilizadas

I have cut and sewn together squares of metallic plastic paper from coffee packages. The instructions and the model I used are in Spanish in the photo.


I love recycled-material bags! Do you have any photos showing how you did this technique?

Unfortunately I didn’t take photos of the process.

Welcome to LC! These kinds of recycled bags are really cool. Thank you for posting that pattern, too!

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I love recycled projects that are useful and pretty!

It would fun to carry this bag if it still smelled a bit like coffee…yummy!

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Super cool! You must have a workhorse of a sewing machine…or was it not that bad to sew together?

Wow, where did you hang it?

I have a simple sewing machine. It was a little tricky to sewing it because the material together it’s hard.

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I use it to carry my art stuff.


Welcome to LettuceCraft!

What a creative way to upcycle! Is the inside of the bag metallic?

No, the coffee bags are plastic and to line the inside I used a black cotton fabric.


I love project that repurpose old packaging! great job!

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I love this! I always hate having to throw out those plastic lined things, and I wish they would just make them out of degradable materials! Yours looks lovely, and the straps look very sturdy (that’s always the first part that goes on all of my bags).

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