Metal Valentine Pocket

Last January I picked up this little metal envelope/pocket thingy at the last estate sale I’d get to go to before Covid. It was a shade of blue that isn’t for me, but I thought I’d paint it up to include with my post-themed Valentine decoration goals. Then it sat in my stash until last week. I forgot to take before pics until there was just a bit of the original finish on the bottom.


I’d thought that I would spray paint it, but none of my spray paint stash colors inspired me and I didn’t want to wait until the next time I was out to get more spray paint… or even get more spray paint, so I used craft paints: bright, but not hot-enough pink with a red wash over that and touches of gold on the textured decoration.


It has a stand made from would would have been the envelope flap.

I put a freezer bag in it to hold water for the flowers, but I think that I will put any Valentines I get in it from here on out!


This is so sweet! I love the reader board too. The little gold touches are perfect.

Sweet! I bet you could make something similar from cardstock. Not the water part, maybe…

Have ones for birfdays, holidaze, etc.

Thanks, friends!

I presented it to TheMisterT as an early Valentine!

Someone sure could! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :rofl:

So cute! What a great find! I like how you made it yours.

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Thanks, y’all!

Great revamp!


Really lovely upcycle! Love the sign, too.

Thank you!

That is really neat! Great colour, the gold highlight makes it.

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