Mexican Folk Art and a Cuppa

I drew these for @Myruka in the bookmark swap. I started with the Mexican art, which was new to me. I made the mistake of using gel pens early on in the process and of course they smeared as I continued to work. I was so disappointed because I was really liking how it was looking and I’d worked hard on it.

(Front and back)

I tried covering the smeared areas with a white Posca pen but I was really dissatisfied with the result. I felt like I could make something prettier.

I decided to send my original bookmark, in spite of its flaws, since it was truly made for her.

She also had “autumn” and “polka dots” on her list of fave themes and patterns, so I drew this one for her to send along with the original bookmark:

(Front and back)

I’d never tried drawing fluttering leaves like this before, so I was pleased with how they turned out. I used a little copper gel pen on the leaves here- but learned from my mistake on the other bookmark! I made the gel pen my final touch and made sure I wouldn’t smear anything the second time around!

Thanks for looking!


Both bookmarks are fabulous and so beautifully done. I love the autumn vibes of the cuppa bookmark, especially.


Thank you!

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They are great. It’s a shame the first one smeared, but you learned a valuable lesson that helped you make an amazing second bookmark. The first one still looks great. I am sure she was pleased with both of them.


Thanks, @gozer!

I know I’m not the best crafter in these boards, certainly not the best artist, but I do want to be sure that I’m sending the best quality work that I can. Smeared pen on something is just not cool. (Besides, with shipping costs being what they are, I want to spend my shipping dollars on things that would make me happy if they showed up in my mailbox!)


They both look great! I bet your fixes look like they were meant to be to someone who doesn’t know they’re “fixes.”


If you had not mentioned it, not sure anyone would have noticed because it is so beautiful!

I love the softer colors in the Mexican Folk Art with the brighter back!

The leaves are spectacular!


Thank you, ladies!

Lovely work!

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