Mexican tiles

I have a couple dozen 4" Mexican tiles with fun designs. I bought some just because I liked them, others with the idea of covering a table, but that didn’t work out because the table doesn’t match the size of the tiles, and I don’t want to cut them or buy trim pieces.

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I saw a nifty idea for using 2 tiles back to back for pattern weights, but that used 1" porcelain tiles. These would be a little too big, heavy, and fragile for that.

Any suggestions on using these tiles whole?


We have some ceramic tiles that have cork on the back and we use as coasters.

They do look like they’re screaming to be a table top though. I’d be tempted to fashion a new table top frame to make them into a table.

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I love these!! My first thought was trivets. Though these would make a lot!

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I don’t know if this counts as the same thing as getting filler pieces but what if you filled in the in-between spaces with those glass drop things people put in vases? And if you don’t like the spaces between those you can use beads?

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I had the same thought as @photojenn : make or have made a table top for the existing base that fits the tiles. Or mount them to something to hang. It’d be heavy, but that’s what anchors are for!

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Love the tiles! Could you put some together to be a serving tray? Or a planter? Or some kind of patio bench?

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I like the tray idea or planter. What about a border around a mirror. But maybe you need another table? Console table? Hallway table?

You could also just frame them and hang them around the house, or make a framed collage, or whatever it’s called, like a bunch of framed photos together in a cluster


some great ideas, thanks!
I’m desperately not in need of another table, but maybe I could replace the glass insets in my coffee table with tile collage…it currently has a christmas tree on top of it, so that will have to wait.

But another really cool idea is a garden bench. We’re kind of looking for one to put up the hill a ways, tile in a wild setting might be fun. Now I just need to find a flat-seated bench that can live outdoors…