Mia's Collar Shadow Box (frame homemade)

Many years ago, we had a large walnut tree behind our house cut down because it was a risk to our house. My husband and FIL took it and had it cut into planks that have been stored in our garage for a long time. First, to dry out, now be be planed and used! A couple years ago, my dh used some of it to make a special quilt rack for what I refer to as a legacy blanket that my deceased grandma started and I finished.

Recently, he and our son got busy in the garage and worked up this collar shadow box for our dog Mia, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in June.

(I’m seeing a theme…Walnut tree, use for items related to deceased family/pets…hmmmm.)

DH and DS used quite a few tools in the garage to make this starting off by cutting and planing the walnut!

While they did most of the work, I did cut the blue cardstock and used double sided tape to adhere to the posterboard and I chose the picture of Mia (she loved laying on pillows around the living room! It was so cute), printed it, and again used double sided tape to adhere. I even played with making a paper frame to go around her picture, but I didn’t like how the one I made looked, so decided to leave it.

Here’s the back: we used part of a tri-fold poster board. He cut out slits for the collar.

The box is 9"x12". I found an inexpensive frame this size from Walmart and purchased it for the glass. DH cut slits into the wood to slide both the glass and the posterboard. We haven’t added a “back” to it, but not super necessary as it will hang on the wall.

Awwww…my sweet girl…

Thanks for looking!


Lovely tribute! I’m glad that so many family members had a hand in its creation. That’s a labor of love!


That is so thoughtful and beautiful.

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What a sweet tribute!

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What a beautiful memorial!

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Such a wonderful tribute.She was such a sweetie.

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You have a family of talented people! The frame is beautifully done…I love how you incorporated the collar…a great memory of a great family dog!