Mickey Christmas Ornament

I decided to use my embroidery machine for the Ongoing Ornament swap, and while I was at it, I also decided to use it for a fun Mickey ornament for my Holiday Gift Swap partner. I had ordered some patterns off Etsy to use.

I hadn’t used my machine to embroider in years (well, really since I got it), and had some problems while working where I ended up having to take it to get serviced. But, I was able to make this fun Mickey…even though the gloves are blue. I thought that was part of the scarf when I used the blue.

Nonetheless, there are no rules that Mickey can’t have fun, too!


It turned out great! Super cute!

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You guys that do machine embroidery are amazing! It looks so professional. Nice!

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Thanks @kittykill and @endymion! Now that I have my embroidery machine back from being serviced, I can try making more designs! I feel more confident now than I did when I started.

Is the machine hard to use? I see so many people are working with them nowadays. I’m still too intimidated.

Not really, but I still am very new to it.

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