Mickey Mouse Cross Body Bag

I’ve been making these cross body bags.

It measures 6.5" x 9", has an adjustable strap up to 55", as well as interior and exterior pockets. I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of working with the hardware on the strap.


Love the design…and the fabrics you used are sooo Mickey!

Cute! I like the buttons :smiley:

This is so adorable!

That is super cute. I love the little Mickey trousers!

This is adorable and looks so useful! I think this would be a perfect bag for a trip anywhere.

I love the design of Mickey Mouse :smiley: and the hardware on the straps is always a bit tricky, good job at finally getting it

Thank you all for your comments! :slight_smile:

It really does look like his stylized trousers, nicely done!

Love the Mickey bag! And I agree that the fabrics are very Mickey!

Now I want a Mickey cross body bag with ears, mhm I really should make me one (or two…) :joy:

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